What is Urban Obscura?

Urban Obscura is an open-sourced, interactive website and mobile application project that collects architectural and socio-cultural informations for pilot regions and uses smart 3D data to map the timeline of demographic and infrastructural changes. Urban Obscura is now mainly focused on historical regions such as Ankara – Altindag, Istanbul – Sisli and Izmir – Karatas.

Urban Obscura is designed as a continuous, up to date and public multimedia tool in the focus of researching cultural & architectural heritage, preparing visual & written documents and creating a complete archive. Project also aims to exhibit a ground knowledge of urban heritage for related researches and create a digital city archive.

Urban Obscura is in relations with both technological and social fields such as digital media, software development, visual design, visual communications, history, archeology, anthropology, architectural history, cultural & demographic analysis to develop a collective urban memory and present it as an archive on a singular digital platform.